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What's iMap?

Looking for a way to tell someone about a problem plant in your area? Hoping to develop a plan for treating invasives on a private or public property? Want to join a statewide effort to document the spread of invasives throughout Vermont?

Use iMapInvasives. It's a free, web-based map and database that shows where invasives are on the landscape.  Many other states use iMap as well, including our neighbor to the West, New York. Here's a link to the national iMap homepage.

Anyone in Vermont can use iMap to upload or access data about invasive plants. iMap can be an effective tool for citizen groups, landowners and land managers.Use iMap to:

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Note: the public map only shows county level distribution. To see point level data, you need to have a log-in which you get once you have been trained through a quick on-line, webex, or in-person training.